About Bim Bam Banana

The online shop BIM BAM BANANA has the gift you didn't know existed for the man that has everything. In this genre both spy glasses and mini closed circuit TVs belong.

Why make do with giving a potted plant or a shirt as a gift when you can give an electric shock pen or a spy pen. You will be the center of attraction with such a gift.

"How long do people remember that they have received three bottles of wine" asks Mr. Peter Bindner, the man behind BIM BAM BANANA that has gifts you didn't know existed but that we all need, according to Mr. Peter Bindner.
"Most of them are very functional. Take for example the earpiece that beeps when you nod, so you don't fall asleep behind the wheel anymore", he says. And not to mention the voice changer, that gives little old ladies the opportunity to answer the telephone with a new man voice, which will instantly cause chaos on the other end and scare potential perpetrators away.